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The Truth In Trouble

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The TRUTH, that sacrosanct being, nature and person of God got the first attack among men right in the Garden of Eden.  There man believed a lie sold to him by the owner and father of lies the devil himself .This he did to man using his art in trade tricks and subtility.(Gen. 3:1-7, Jn 8:44).

From then, man no only became a liar, but imbibed, inculcated and enthroned lies as a way of life. Lies became man’s culture.However, God did nit keep quite, He swiftly promised the messiah, the Saviour , the TRUTH personified, God in human flesh, the seed of the woman to come and restore man back to life.(Gen. 3:15).

TRUTH came as promised, disclosed  his person, Identity, and mission. (John 14:6;Luke 4:17-19) He came as the second Adam , the first Adam having failed by believing a lie;  But nay, man no more wants the truth, it is strange to him. The TRUTH was not received, but rather opposed, abhorred not received, but rather opposed, abhorred, rejected and finally killed.

Before His Killing, Pilate a Roman Governor tried to save him from killed by his people the “owners” of the truth, but failed in that attempt for the scripture must be fulfilled. Yes the people the truth came to save killed him with  a declaration that his blood should be upon them and their children’s children. The entire humanity was shocked by that saying. Of course, all that partook in the killing of the truth directly or indirectly paid dearly for it. The remnants, the disciples, took him and buried him. Ironically the twelve or rather the eleven were no where to be found. Only one, John the beloved followed him to his place of death the CROSS.(mattt. 27:19-25, Jn. 19:25-27).

The  TRUTH now risen,  alive, established on earth and ascended to heaven to come back again for the final establishment of His Kingdom. Man is now left with a choice between the revealed truth and the known lies. Christ the truth and Satan the liar.

However,   in spite of all these, this known,  Victorious,  Celebrated  and established truth is still IN TROUBLE.


TRUTH came as promised , disclosed his person, and identity , and mission.


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