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The Fellowship Of His Suffering

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“That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made, comfortable unto his death, (phil 3:1)

This is an often quoted passage of the scripture by believers in Christ But the whole context of this scripture are not fully applied, obeyed and practiced by many.This is because many believers in Christ including minister and leader wants to know him (Christ) and the power of His resurrection but not the fellowship of His sufferings being made comfortable unto death.

As has been done to many passages in the holy write, many Christians only pick a part of the scripture that suits their lust and desires, the ones they are comfortable with, and off they go with it praying, fasting, screaming and even crying to God who Promise us to hold Him by His word to fulfill it. They forget that God has no business with half  truth. But who blames anyone who loves half truth? who delights in twisting and handling the word of God deceitfully, walking in dishonesty and craftiness?.


This book is all about the fellowship of his suffering being made conformable unto death.


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