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Honorable but In Trouble

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Some years ago,  I  was privilege to be invited to share  the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ in an outreach organized by the full Gospel Business-men’s Fellowships international for professional and Landlords.  As I waited on the Lord to receive from him what I would share together with the people, I was led to the book of II Kings 5 and given a message titled  “Honourable but in Trouble.”  God honoured his world in that meeting as many souls were saved by the Lord as they gave their lives.

In another special outreach organized by one denomination for  “Elites”  in a popular hotel at Aba, Abia State, Nigeria, I was equally led to repeat the same message  “Honourable but in Trouble” and the result was also great. On and on, I continued to be impressed in my spirit to use the same message until I saw it necessary to put the message into a book for better spreading.

Honour simply means: respect, frame or glory. It is a state where by someone is admired. It is such an enviable position in life that no one that attains it would not cherish it jealousy. Many things brings honour which includes good position in life, education, wealth, riches, intelligence, achievements and anointing, gift or grace at it concerns the ministers of the gospel.

But alas, many honourable people are not honourable indeed because of a serious “BUT” in their lives which impair their honour and bring them into disrepute.


Honour simply means: respect , fame or glory.It is a state where by someone is admired . it is such an  enviable position in life that no one that attain it would not cherish it jealousy.


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